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Who will win the Champions League final? Neymar or Lewandowski

The final of the most expensive football tournament in the world, the Champions League, is being played on Sunday night, August 23, between the teams of Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain. German club Bayern Munich are determined to make a new history.

German club Bayern Munich will try to win the title for the sixth time in the Champions League final in the Portuguese capital Lisbon. If the Munich team wins, it will set a new record. So far no German club has won the title six times.

Bayern Munich have been unbeaten so far. He has won ten matches in a row. If she manages to beat the rival team in the final match, it will also become a record. To date, no team has won 11 matches in a row in these competitions.

Bayern Munich have been unbeaten in their last 29 matches. Meanwhile, the German club’s team scored 94 goals. The top scorer for this German club is Polish player Robert Lewandowski, who has scored 15 goals so far in this tournament.

Munich striker Lewandowski played a key role in the quarter-final match against Spanish club FC Barcelona. Munich won the match by eight goals to two.
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This time the German club is being declared the favorite, but the Paris team is considered to be able to give it a tough competition. Paris’s defense in particular is very strong, with captain and center-back Thiago Silva as a leaden wall. This will probably be the last match for Brazilian star Silva for Paris.

The Paris team’s attack is also strong, featuring Brazilian star Neymar Jr., Cillian Um Mape and Argentina’s Angelo Di Maria. “I have always said that I want to make history for my country and today I have the opportunity,” said the French star and youngster Umm Mape before the match.

Paris Saint-Germain have reached the Champions League final for the first time. Earlier, only one French club has won the title of this important European tournament. Marcela won the title at the 1993 Olympics.

Due to the corona virus, spectators will not be present at the final match at the Studio de Louis in Lisbon. Strict measures have been taken not only during this match but also during the entire tournament to deal with this global epidemic.