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Top 10 Best Finishers in Cricket History

We are going to make a list of Top 10 Finishers in Cricket with the ability to score quickly in high-pressure situations and while maintaining a cool head, a feature that has also set them apart from others. We call them the most reliable batsmen. Here is our list of Top 10 Finishers in Cricket History.

Best Finishers in Cricket History

Cricket history is full of everlasting heroism in the batting Department. But, there are few batsmen who will be remembered for their fantastic batting in the closing moments of the match.

10. Viv Richards

Viv Richards

Richards is undoubtedly one of the All-Time Best Batsmen. In a nutshell, the man who gave “swagger” and new meaning in cricket. Richards was the most destructive batsman of his era, and while there are many with greater records. few could take on, intimidate, and rip to shreds bowling attacks as he did. Besides, he is one of the best finishers In history.

9. AB de Villiers

South African dynamic batsmen DeVilliers has a great ability to finish the game in style. He blasted the seventh fastest century in ODI cricket, in 58 balls, when he slammed an unbeaten 102 off just 59 balls against India in Ahmedabad in February 2010.

Later, he Scored 31 Ball 100 which is the all-time fastest century in ODIs, also Fastest ODI Fifty. He is one of the most dangerous batsmen in recent times.

8. Aravinda de Silva

Best Finishers in Cricket History
Aravinda de Silva

Great Sri Lankan player with both power and very good running between wickets. He has ice in his veins, making a master of any situation. His innings in the chase of the 1996 World Cup, when he came in 2/23 is widely regarded as one of the best innings in ODI cricket.

Then in my view for its completeness in how he played and excelling against a very good Team and attack. The best finishing effort in the history of the game.

7. Mark Boucher

Mark Boucher
Mark Boucher

Cricket legend Mark Boucher is another South African in this list. The wicket-keeper batsman is the most dependable of SA’s batsmen in times of need. If it’s a top-order collapse, he’ll come in and play the anchor role. If it’s a climbing required rate at the end, he’ll come in and smash a few quick boundaries to relieve the pressure.

6. Abdul Razzak

Razzak is known as Pakistan’s most complete all-rounder since Imran Khan. The right-handed destructive batsmen showed his skills especially at the end of the innings. He is one of Pakistan’s most effective hitters. Abdul Razzak scored 47 runs off 11 balls against England in 2005.

He remained not out but was unable to make the world record of the fastest half-century. His ton against South Africa in Sharjah was one of the greatest innings in ODI history.

5. Lance Klusener

Lance Klusener
Lance Klusener

Klusener, South African “Zulu”, is one of the best ODI’s all-rounder the world has ever seen. He defines pure power when you combine it with his ability to innovate. He was an absolute nightmare for oppositions with the finishing cameos he played. Klusener was at his best with 8-10 overs remaining when he walked out.

His memorable performance came in 1999’s ODI World Cup Cricket Tournament, taking 17 wickets and scoring 250 runs including two half-centuries in 8 matches. Without any doubt, Klusener deserves his place as one of the Best Finishers in Cricket history.

4. Javed Miandad

Javed Miandad
Javed Miandad

Miandad was also very dependable when it comes to finishing. He was a complete player in all regards. He was not only as cool as ice, but one of the best agitators of the opposition, and had such an ability to have a mental hold over them. Miandad could play any shot in the book and was explosive if needed to be.

His ability was perfectly shown in the famous or infamous performance (if you are an Indian fan) in Sharjah. That was one of the best finishing efforts in the history of the game.

3. Mike Hussey

Australian middle-order batsman, best known as “Mr. Cricket”, is affectionately known has garnered such a lofty reputation in all forms of the game. Though in the ODI arena, he is truly one of the best in any situation. As a finisher, he, like all the best combines his expert running between the wickets and easy power to be lethal.

The fans always though Hussey will play well anyhow, regardless of the situation. His temperament is rock solid. Purely as a batsman though. his pacing of an innings was terrific. Who will forget his explosive innings in T20 World Cup’s Semi-finale against Pakistan?

2. Michael Bevan

Michael Bevan
Michael Bevan

Australian middle-order batsman, Bevan, was the best finishers in ODI cricket. We say this because for us a batsman coming in at number 6 position in every team in ODI has the role of the finisher, and Bevan has successfully played the role of a finisher most of the time in his career for Australia. He was mentally very tough. He played lots of memorable innings in ODI’s.

1. M.S Dhoni

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One of the best captains in cricket, Dhoni, truly is one of the best “finishers” of modern times. Ability to score quickly in high-pressure situations and maintaining a cool head, a feature that has also set him apart from other captains is what makes Dhoni special. In 2005, Dhoni launched himself on to the international cricket arena with a scintillating 148 against Pakistan.

His first true finisher’s knock came against West Indies where he scored a fantastic 28 off 13 balls from number 7. However, the best innings came in the World Cup final 2011 when he scored 91 not out to lead India to a World Cup victory after 28 years.

So, who is your personal favorite among these All-Time Best Finishers in Cricket let us know via comment?