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Alex Carey

Alex Carey

After starting out as a cricketer, Carey decided to pursue a career in AFL. He took up a rookie contract with the newly formed Greater Western Sydney Giants, and the 18-year-old immediately found success. He won their Best and Fairest Award in his first season, and was destined for higher honours with the newly formed club. However, the talented sportsman was lured back to cricket in 2012 by the Redbacks, and Carey looks to have finally settled down in the South Australian system. He has gone on to cement his role in the South Australian Redbacks and the Adelaide Strikers, being a key part of their title win in BBL07. Carey has quickly found his feet at international level, including a stint as the Australian vice-captain in the shorter formats.

Alex Carey was captain of the Greater Western Sydney Giants in 2010, prior to them joining the AFL.

Age : 27 years 24 days

Role : Wicketkeeper

Height : 182

Batting Style : Left Hand

Bowling Style : Does Not Bowl

Team Played For : N/A

Batting Stats

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