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Kohli reminds 2012 Hobart match to describe success in chasing


Cricket is currently closed due to coronavirus. So cricketers have to spend time sitting at home. At the moment, Bangladesh cricket team’s ODI captain Tamim Iqbal has taken an initiative.

He is having live sessions on Facebook with local and foreign cricketers. Incumbent Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli was a guest on Tamim’s live on Monday night (May 18).


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During this time, Tamim asked Kohli about various cricketing issues. Tamim wanted to know how long Kohli has been practicing in the nets, what he thinks during the match, how he plans when he has a target of 370-380, how he strengthens his mental strength and so on.

“It’s always important to have confidence in a match,” said Virat Kohli. “We are always on the field to win the match. Whatever the target in front of it? Even that is also 370-380 runs.”

He added, “Sri Lanka scored 320 runs in an ODI match in Hobart in 2012. We needed to win that match in 40 overs. We discussed among the team members. I divided the innings into two parts. I said if we can score so many runs for 2 wickets in the first 20 overs then we can win in the next 20 overs by playing T20 style. Because, if you have 8 wickets in hand, you can play comfortably. We won that match.

“So there’s a system. Whatever you think about the match, your game and your batting will come in that way. And your first will determine how you play. This comes naturally inside me. Sometimes I need to get prepared but most of the times it comes naturally.”

In the match which Kohli said about, Sri Lanka batted first and scored 320 runs for 4 wickets. India then chased the target by losing just 3 wickets in 36.4 overs. Kohli was unbeaten on 133 off 86 balls.

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