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I played with one bat for 2-3 years: Babar

Pakistan captain Babar Azam is considered to be one of the best batsmen in recent cricket. He continues to show his potential in international cricket regularly.

Like most other Pakistani cricketers, Babar comes from a simple family. In his adolescence, his family was in great scarcity. In those miserable days, his mother bought a cricket bat for little Babar from the money she had saved. Babar used that bat for a long time. He had to play with one bat for 2-3 years.

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“We were not financially sound at that time so my mother gave me the money she had saved to buy my first kit. At that time, she had given me around 3-4000 Rs out of which I had bought my first bat for 2-2500 Rs. The excitement of buying your first kit cannot be expressed in words. I played with it for 2-3 years and took good care of it but I have lost it now,” Babar told Dawn News

Not only mother but Babar was also inspired by his father. His father always encouraged Babar to play, watched his son’s game. This trend continued until the beginning of the coronavirus break.

“I would especially like to mention my father – who used to take me to all the matches, watch all of them, give me feedback after every match that helped me a lot. It’s been 1 year that he is not sitting at home else he would watch all Pakistan’s matches, T20 or domestic or U19, he never missed them. He supported me throughout and I also received plenty of support from my other family members,” he said.

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