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Give us one-time benefit too, plead retired umpires to BCCI | Cricket News

MUMBAI: The BCCI received praise from all quarters when it launched a one-time retirement benefit to former India and first-class cricketers, from a corpus it created out of profits from the IPL. However, till now, former international umpires, who too were a crucial part of the game, have been denied this benefit.
Ex-international umpires want the BCCI to be more benevolent to their cause. “This one-time benefit is given in appreciation of your services to the game. If it’s not given after retirement, then when?” wondered Piloo Reporter, who umpired in 14 Tests and 22 ODIs from 1984 to 1994, while talking to TOI.
“It would be very much appreciated by us if we also get what former players are getting. If the retired players are getting lakhs or crores as a one-time pay-off, what’s wrong in the umpires getting it? We’ve also served the game. We’ve put in more hours than the players. The players could go back to the pavilion after playing and relax, while the umpire puts in six and a half hours every day in a Test, and seven hours in an ODI. It would be nice to have our contribution remembered too,” said the 82-year-old. “I tried to bring it to the BCCI’s notice in the past, but nothing came out of it,” he added.
“The BCCI has already given the one-time benefit to more than 80 former players, which must have run into crores. Even those who’ve played one or two Tests have got a good amount. We don’t grudge what the ex-players are getting. There are hardly 10-15 retired international umpires, so the Board doesn’t not need to create a huge amount to allot to us. The benefit should be given to all who’ve served the game. The cost of living is going up. Most of us are above 80. I’m 93, Satyaji Rao (another ex-international umpire) is 91. The BCCI must consider our case,” said Madhav Ghotaskar, who, from 1974 to 1983, umpired in 14 Tests and one ODI – the inaugural ODI in India, back in 1981 between India and England at the Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad.
“Maybe, the thinking is that it’s the players who pull in the crowds and the money into the game. No one comes to watch the umpires,” rued Ghotaskar.
Since 2004, the BCCI has been giving pension to the retired umpires. Their medical expenses, up to Rs 5 lakhs, are reimbursed by the Board. “I do receive a monthly pension of Rs 22,500,” revealed Reporter, who retired in 1994 at the age of 55. “The pension amount has not been increased for the last five years. The pension amount is sufficient to meet our day-to-day expenses, but what would make us happy is the extension of the one-time benefit scheme to us, or an increase in the pension amount,” said the 93-year-old.