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Cold Justice…. – Pakistan Today

Although it is not an amazing story that a high-chill season is at its peak, leaving behind the dangerous spread of the coronavirus and chasing the wave of the killing price hike, it as no answer from our Prime Minister who is lost in the minus-plus calculations of the current account deficit, the remittances gimmick and the opposition NRO. One who survived the brutal coronavirus will be killed by the merciless chill and ultimately will be stabbed by the flood of the uncontrollable price hike. So, living in Pakistan is really a great phenomenon and not less than a jihad for nothing. Please kept in mind I am not talking about the Riasat-e-Madina, but it is the story of poor Pakistanis who have been obliged to live in an independent state of Pakistan and who voted for Imran Khan to get a change to comfort their tough lives.

Another invisible earthquake just surfaced, apart from so many others, that the Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court, Mr Justice Qasim Khan, has withdrawn his list of nominees for appointment of Lahore High Court judges while attending the meeting of the Judicial Commission of Pakistan in the Supreme Court, Islamabad. It is a matter of great concern that 20 empty seats of judges are seeking the indulgence of whom?  The Prime Minister or the Chief Justice Pakistan, Mr Justice Gulzar Ahmad, or somebody else? For the last two years, this judicial pingpong is going on and every time the list is rejected for review or for the addition of new names. The point to be concentrated on is that justice is already evaporated and some monkey business is being played in the name of so-called justice. Where is justice in our society? No need for eyeglasses, it is being demonstrated in every moment of our life?

The Lahore High Court, which is full of new cases and as a large backlog, is severely lacking one third (20) of its strength (60) for the last two years and nobody is taking it seriously, which indicates the that we have no priority for justice to be served to helpless citizen of Pakistan. It needs no mention here that no state can be run without having an efficient and instant system of inexpensive justice, particularly in the Riasat-e-Madina, or even in a secular state, and which we are loudly claiming.

Neither Prime Minister Imran khan is willing to give NRO to those who accelerated this disaster and turmoil, nor as his government the capacity and system to incarcerate the culprits and looters of national wealth as the present accountability system is a replica of earlier regime who spent millions and billions for accountability and nothing came out except a lip service and waste of money. A highly rated charming business of corruption is touching its new heights in Pakistan, and everybody is victim of this corrupt system and there is no way out.

One thing is significance to take notice that the present government has totally neglected making any legislation, forget inevitable law reforms, and as badly failed to control the spike in the prices of life utilities, and made the life of a common man a nightmare even though Nawaz Sharif, Shabaz Sharif, Asif Zardari and others are under siege. If the common man becomes angry, then nothing will be left to rule and there will be no need of making any Riasat-e-Madina. What apparently was sighted that the government has lost its claim of change for betterment? Is it an unholy passion of Imran Khan to fulfill his dream of sitting on the chair of Prime Minister for five years and nothing else?

We have seen that issues taken up by the Chief Justice of Pakistan, either suo motu or in routine, can resolve those issues which may be even of a tangled nature like te extension of the Army Chief’s tenure or the Senate election of. Unfortunately, the frequency of suo motu actions is going down leaving the public helpless. A burning issue which goes to Supreme Court is a blessing for Pakistan so as to settle that issue once and for all.

A big change we are observing is that you will not find a person without a headache in our country. As if somebody high up has joined hands with a company making painkillers to earn a kickback. It is an open secret that every new day in Pakistan brings a new crisis or scam, giving unequivocal tension on which media channels their business to flourish and nobody is taking care of the public being assured of living in a Riasat-e-Madina, which has become a joke. If stern actions and policies not followed sooner or later, Mr Khan will have to face the same position which our corrupt leaders are facing either right or wrong, but nobody knows for sure until the system of efficient justice eliminates those corrupt persons from the scene. Our history is evidence that Nawaz Sharif made the cases of corruption against Benazir and Zardari; then they made cases against Nawaz Sharif, but both families are enjoying everything and claiming more and nothing as been eliminated, rather they ave become more powerful.

This is not an open invitation to mobilize wisdom, it is merely a simple matter, a university student can tell how to clean up the dirt with iron hand in one go for all to make a smooth and lovely Riasat-e-Madina to rule and make the life of a common man easy with full comforts and also save him from a chronic headache.

Enjoying winter is a charming dream for every Pakistani if the government manages to achieve some prosperity and greatness to uplift the life of a common man coupled with the promises Mr Khan made of establishing a system of efficient justice. A man wearing warm clothes, eating healthy food, can easily enjoy the cold season, but not the cold justice we are obliged to face. There is no concept of peaceful life without ending the cold justice, as our judicial system has a heavy reflection of cold justice, and once you are involved in litigation you are booked forever in an abuse of justice.

Facing cold justice in no way to redesign or revamp our present judicial system to meet the fast and innovative lifestyle of modern world where everything is confined in mobile apps and the majority of Pakistanis and our governments are using mobile phones and not apps to resolve the issues, suffering and living still in the previous century, playing the blame game and kidding others.