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Chairman PCB Failed to Answer PAC Questions: Sherry Rehman

Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman, Ehsan Mani, faced some tough questioning in a meeting with Public Accounts Committee (PAC). According to reports, the members of PAC had pointed out irregularities in the audit reports of PSL-1 and PSL-2.

Ehsan Mani claimed that the Pakistan Cricket Board is autonomous, however, the Auditor General of Pakistan Revenues (AGPR) and other members of PAC informed him that he is answerable to the government.


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Mani said that he is unaware of the details of the audit, which further infuriated the members in the meeting. Senator Sherry Rehman questioned as to why the Chairman of the PCB does not have the knowledge of the audit reports.

The PPP Senator also tweeted that the Chairman could not answer any questions in the PAC meeting.

The committee also confronted Ehsan Mani on the financial irregularities in PSL-5 and informed the PCB to submit a special report in the next meeting. According to sources, audit for PSL-5 will take place in the near future.


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After the meeting, Mani said, “There indeed were financial irregularities in PSL 1 and 2 but this matter is with the committee now, and this matter will be investigated. Whatever the truth may be, will be revealed.”

The committee expressed their displeasure over the non-serious attitude of the PCB Chairman and suggested him to come in prepared next time.