IPL 2020


The Pakistan cabinet has approved to ban IPL’s broadcast in Pakistan. According to the details, the government has allowed India to ban the efforts of making sports a part of the politics and ban the Indian Premier League (IPL) show in Pakistan.
Federal Minister for Information Fauzad Chaudhary said that India was trying to harm Pakistan’s cricket and between the PSL itself, the Indian company refused to work, while the PSL in India The ban on the show was banned when the Indian team wrapped sportsman supermarkets by wearing a match by wearing the caps, we want to see cricket between the two countries, but after India’s steps we had to answer and now The Federal Cabinet has approved ban on display of IPL in Pakistan.


Remember that India’s tremendous attempt was made to harm Pakistan’s biggest cricket tournament. Pakistan Super League’s Broadcasting Company, D sports, an Indian company, refused to coverage the PSL in the middle of the tournament, but due to timely measures of the Pakistan Cricket Board, another company made PSL matches Coverage of coverage coverage and PSL failed to fail.
India was later threatened to not stop foreign players from spreading in IPL but also tried to stop them from going to Pakistan, but India failed in the conspiracy, after which Pakistan also responded to Indian conspiracy The decision has been taken and now the full ban has been imposed on the IPL in Pakistan.

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