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Badminton: Badminton federation cautions players, coaches, technical staff against participation in unauthorised events | Badminton News

NEW DELHI: The Badminton Association of India (BAI) on Monday again cautioned its players, coaches and technical staff and asked them to stay away from unauthorised tournaments after it came to light that a Goa-based organisation is conducting such an event next month.
According to a release issued by BAI, Goa-based organisation Youth & Sports Development Association of India is conducting the third National Federation Cup next month in Madgaon, Goa, with the organisers claiming that it will be a selection trial for upcoming international championships.
“Neither BAI nor its affiliated unit Goa Badminton Association is aware about such tournaments and organisation,” BAI General Secretary Ajay Singhania said in the release.
“Surprisingly the organisers have mentioned that they will select players for international championships, which is totally a false and misleading announcement as only national sports federation is eligible to choose and send players for participation in tournaments abroad.
“It’s sad and clear that some parties with vested interests, with ulterior motives of commercial gain, are trying to do so. Such competitions are not legally tenable.”
The federation said that strict action will be taken against its registered players, coaches or technical staff if they participate in any unauthorised league or tournament in any part of the country.
“BAI and its affiliated units are not interested in what an unauthorised agency or organisation is doing, but we are concerned about our registered players,” Singhania said.
“We strictly advise that registered players of affiliated units should not get divulged and participate in any such unauthorised tournaments, which will cause deactivation of their BAI ID and debarment in any tournaments being organised by affiliated units and Badminton Association of India.”
The governing body had issued circulars (dated Nov 29, 2020, Feb 27, 2019, and Nov 14, 2018) in the past too, mentioning that registered players, technical officials or coaches will face debarment and ban as per Constitutional Rules & Regulations of BAI if they take part in any unauthorised tournament.